Byens Symfoni – Play and be happy

We are an amateur symphony orchestra with app. 30-40 members. We are rehearsing on Mondays from 19.00 to 21:45 in the Copenhagen area, and the orchestra is planning two or three yearly productions with one or two concerts at the end of each production period. See Prøveplaner (Rehearsal plans).

In Byens Symfoni we  play with different conductors from production to production, which enables us to try different kinds of music and expressions. Often we also include a soloist in the production. See Koncerthistorik (Account of previous concerts).

In order to achieve the best possible musical progress, we put a lot of emphasis on adjusting repertoire and rehearsal plan to the actual conductor and strength of the orchestra. Therefore each production has one or two leaders, being responsible for the contact to the conductor and all aspects of the production planning.

A good and positive atmosphere in the orchestra is one of our top priorities. Friendliness and backing each other up is essential for all of us. Each section has a leader who will take care of the introduction of new members and make sure that all relevant information is reaching each player. We are even sometimes arranging “Nachspiels” which usually are culinary treats.

If you would like to try us out – who we are and what we can offer – please don’t hesitate to contact the Chairman of the orchestra – see Kontakt (Contact). Your first production is always free of charge. Especially strings are very welcome, but openings among the winds will also occur from time to time.

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